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Warning! Verification of representatives or anyone claiming that they represent ECSLclass="brand">

For your own protection, especially if you are in contact with someone who is claiming to represent ECSLclass="brand"> you must undertake our representative verification procedure.

On initial contact with or by the person advising you of their status with ECSLclass="brand"> and before any discussion takes place between you it is vitally important that you should send a Representative Verification Request (RVR) by email directly to us at reps@ecsl.net

Your email should give the representative's name and contact information and you should put 'Representative Verification Request' in the subject header of the email.

Upon receipt of your representative verification request email we will contact within 24 hours you to confirm whether or not that the individual concerned is actually a representative or agent of ECSLclass="brand">.

You should only send your representative verification request email to reps@ecsl.net and not to any other email address as verification of representatives is performed only through this email address to our legal and compliance dept.

Anyone who fails to inform you of, or ask you to undertake, the representative verification procedure, or who asks you to send a representative verification request to any other email address is NOT a representative of ECSLclass="brand">.

The representative verification procedure is performed by email and not by telephone, post or any other means.

Our representatives receive their remuneration directly from us at the time that finance is placed with your project and are forbidden to request or accept fees or payment from you.

There are NO circumstances in which we permit this. Consequently, anyone requesting any such fees or payments is NOT a representative of ECSLclass="brand">.

You are strongly advised NEVER to make any payment to anyone claiming to represent ECSLclass="brand"> in doing so they will NOT be a representative of ECSLclass="brand">.

If in any doubt DO NOT enter into discussion with anyone claiming they represent ECSLclass="brand"> until YOU have verified their status directly with us here in London.

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