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Professional Project Finance Practitioners

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Our Principal funders and investment bankers group have access to a combined international pool of nearly $55 billion USD+ in available liquidity

Loans and Lending for Lawful Businesses and International Project Financing Worldwide

Funding from $10 Million USD +

In order to accommodate the constant increase in the demand and volume of funds for the realization of numerous proposals with a high degree of confidentiality, a rigorous selection is imperative

Commercially viable business opportunities, solid proposals and strong potential clients are identified and recognized on a selective basis in accordance with the country and the respective political risk. They need to follow acceptable basic funding criteria and necessary requirements for a loan (attractive rates, terms and conditions to be fulfilled).

Each request is carefully assessed (diagnostic/evaluation/credit analysis), and goes through a comprehensive assessment or verification process according to prudent financing practices.


As a first step, and for a preliminary screening, a summary of the project intended to be funded would have to be provided, containing the following basic information:


Project Owner Applicant / Borrower Entity

  • Full legal/business name with address, phone/fax numbers, e-mail, etc.
  • Brief background/main activities
  • Authorized/paid up capital
  • Shareholdings (names of shareholders with percentage of shares
  • Board of Directors (names and position)

Loan Requested

  • Amount and Breakdown of the use of the loan proceeds
  • Loan Period requested (number of years including the construction/ development period)


  • Complete name
  • Location (exact address, land area/zoning, etc.)
  • Description (concept, profit centers, etc.)
  • Type (project finance, refinancing or acquisition finance)

Equity / Financial Responsibility

  • Hard Equity presently available (assets: land/properties, cash, etc.)
  • Offered Guarantees (corporate, personal, others)

Total Project Cost

  • Cost of land
  • Development cost (construction/infrastructure, furniture, fixture and equipment, fees and expenses, etc.)
  • Working capital (if applicable)
In case of a request for refinancing, please indicate the breakdown of existing debt/loans outstanding, and respective names of Banks/Financial Institutions

Studies / Investigations already made (only author / names and dates)

  • Feasibility Studies (market survey, marketing/operation plans, financial analysis/projections/debt service, etc.)
  • Appraisal Report (land/property valuation, figures, etc.)
Please, indicate all amounts/figures in local currency and equivalent in US Dollars.

Upon submission of the above requested information (Please see respective ECSL INQUIRY FORM), Equity Capital & Securities London would be in the position to initially check the parameters of your project, contact potential loan arrangers/lenders interested specifically in this type of project, and get back to you in about 2 to 3 working days with the results. After our acceptance of the ECSL INQUIRY FORM, a Letter of Intent will be issued by us, containing the basic conditions, timing, and procedure, and forwarded to the client, together with the “List of Documentation”, and the “Content of a typical Feasibility/Viability Study”, as guideline.

The applicant will know exactly what kind of information/documents should be delivered to us for the verification/due diligence process. Equity Capital & Securities London will grant an option time of one to two weeks for the applicant to make his decision to accept, by signing/executing the document. As soon as the applicant accepts the Letter of Intent, the verification/due diligence process will be booked, which means, that the immediate transfer by the applicant of the respective verification/due diligence cost (stipulated in the LOI) would have to be arranged (necessary Banking Instructions will be provided).


Upon receipt of all the required documentation in accordance with the List attached to the Letter of Intent, the verification/due diligence process begins, which will take about 10 banking days (including – if necessary – a site inspection of the project). Provided that the documentation submitted by the applicant complies with the specific requisites, a Firm Commitment in writing will then be issued. The final draft of the Loan Agreement will be prepared, and sent to the applicant.

Finally, the Loan Agreement will be executed by the parties, and the loan will be concluded.

Depending on the type of financing requested, from 4 weeks are necessary until the Firm Commitment, counted from the date of acceptance of the Letter of Intent by the applicant, and subject to the receipt on time of the complete required documentation.

Please Note: Changes may occur without warning

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