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Are YOU interested in working with well-established project funding and capital raising specialist where your clients will be introduced to genuine direct finance sources and genuine facilities? If so, we would like to hear from you.

No more unfulfilled promises

No more 'financial instrument' scams

No more timewasters

ECSL welcome brokers from around the world who want to work with us as a professional introducer. ECSL welcomes building new relationships in order to enhance the services we have available and we would be delighted to accept your request in working with us on a strategic basis and would be delighted to welcome you as an introducer.

Over the years we have developed an exclusive group of associates who work with us on a consistent basis. We have a great admiration for intermediaries and appreciate their importance in bringing forward business; in fact our company has several strategically placed associates, all of which are considered to be professionals and whom we know are capable themselves of working in a swift and professional business environment, capable of acting on instructions when given, and implementing the gathering of the necessary information from clients in line with the terms and requirements of our normal business protocols.

ECSL can assure you that we value highly our relationships with our network of intermediaries and thereby extend our assurance of honouring the industry standard of non-circumvention / non-disclosure protocols.. We do not circumvent as a matter of policy and as a matter of good and fair business practices. As a well-respected organisation, our company could not circumvent without doing serious damage to our most valuable asset -- our strong reputation. It is for this reason that circumvention is simply not going to happen.

ECSL invite inquiries from all professional brokers and intermediaries on a global basis so if you are a professional intermediary advisor, sole trader or anyone else providing financial services we would like to hear from you. It is vitally important however that we first establish with you that a working relationship is being clearly documented between us via corporate stationery so when contacting our company to request an approval of authorised introducer please ensure that you provide us with a letter on your letter heading that include that includes all broker contact information

ECSL welcome the opportunity to do business with you and in that respect, if you are interested to submit any proposal that requires project financing; we invite you to contact us. If you have an interesting project you'd like us to take a look at any other inquiry then we ask that you contact us right away and let's see what we can accomplish

We welcome ALL inquiries about our products and services and ask that you contact us right away if you have a deal to discuss! info@ecsl.net
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